Friday, August 28, 2009

Friend's Beauty Part 2

Here are the last of my favorite's from little Baby N's shoot.
He wasn't enjoying sleeping much, so I went back the following weekend hoping to get him into a deep slumber, but nope didn't happen!
We still ended up with some really cute shots even with him disagreeing with us.
Here's another peek...........

The whole beautiful family.....

Mom & Dad with the little sweet.....

Proud big sissy........

Last, one of my favorite Kapture's...

Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Friends Beauty

So, here I am, I am back. For now anyways, I swear I need more hours in my day!!
Here is the storyboard I did for my friend's sweet little baby boy!!
I figured it was an easy way to show off a lot of his sweet pictures in 1 :)
I will post more soon, I just wanted to show you a little quick sneak peak :)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

For My Friend............

This one is for my dear friend Snoozie,
remember the absolutely gorgeous pregnant girl I took photos off a few months ago???
Well, her little bean is here!!!!!!!!!!!
He arrived a little early due to a leak in his home :(
Upon his early, unexpected arrival he gave his Mama & Daddy quite a scare with NICU time!!
He was 37 weeks, but his little lungs just didn't want to work quite yet, so after a long week and a half in the NICU, he was finally released to go home!!
They are the most amazing parents & were so strong through it all!
Baby N is so very lucky to be blessed with such a wonderful family!
Congratulations Friends!!
We are so excited for you & so so happy Baby N is home healthy & happy!!!!!!!!
So, enough mush...
I promised Mama a sneak peek, she certainly deserves it!
So....... here is my favorite Kapture of the day, I think :)

Stay tuned, there will be more of this sweet little bean & his beautiful family to come.