Wednesday, September 30, 2009


When My Little Carter Bug was a newborn baby my sister made me a storyboard of all his many faces, & I love love love it.
I want to fill all 3~16x16 frames I have on my bedroom wall each with a faces storyboard of my munchkins, so here's Alexee's.

Advice, it is going in my room, on a tan wall with a cherry frame & a green matte, what color would you choose, should I keep the pink & do Braiden's in blue & bring some color to my room, or should I choose something more natural?
My room is tans, browns & greens? Whatdoyouthink???

~Looking at these pics makes me smile...we had so much fun that day.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


So, I have to warn you, you are probably going to see A LOT of this little red head over the next week.
I am so so happy with all of her pictures, I am currently editing & can't seem to choose, so I have oodles to edit still, but in the mean time I just thought I'd get some opinions on this one......
I used to be a Sepia lover, until my sister converted me to a Love of Color with her amazing color photos, but Wow this black & White is really speaking to me....

Black & White or.....


I love this little girl.

Monday, September 14, 2009

My Little Girl....

So, finally I took my little girl to do her 6 year photo shoot, I know I am just 2 months late.
Better late than never, right!!!
So, here is a little sneak peek of our fun evening!!
We laughed & danced & played & ran & sang & found sun flare & changed clothes & used props & had the best photo session EVER!!!!!
I love this little girl.
She decided she might want to be a photographer one day, so at the end of the day she took my pictures, she would tell me, "Mama, smile."
I'd smile.
Her~"No not like that."
Me~ Change smile.
Her~"Yeah, like that."
Her~"Now, tilt your head."
Me~So, I'd tilt.
Her~"No, not like that."
Me~Tilt different.
Her~"Ok that's better."
Her~Snap, snap, snap.
So, to the most important part, your sneak peek at my beautiful 6 year old!!

She is so photogenic, she DID NOT get that from me!!!
There will be a lot more to come, how will I ever choose??????

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Newborn Love.....Part 2

So, I promised you some more... here you are.
Another sneak peek at my heavenly shoot.
Little Baby T's beautiful Big Sissy...
I this picture.
She is such a little doll :)
She likes to sleep in so she wasn't too happy about being woke up to take pictures, but she soon warmed up & posed for the camera.
What an amazing Big Sissy she already is, at just 2 she isn't jealous at all of her Baby Brother she is actually a protective little nurturer with him.

Big sister sat in the chair & loved, hugged & kissed on sweet baby boy.

Another sweet Kapture I had to share....

Thank You "H" Family your gallery is almost ready!!

It doesn't get any better than this for a job.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Newborn Love.....

I am so so excited about my last photo shoot!!
My friend's sister just had her baby boy a couple of week's ago & I got the honor to shoot him & his darling big sister's pictures.
He was so so very wonderful!
I have not had the most cooperative little newborns, so I went into it prepared to be there for the day, working my tail off to get the shots, but oh no little Baby T proved me wrong!!
He slept.He posed. And He slept. And I snapped and snapped and snapped away.
I am still working on the pictures but I had to give Mommy & Daddy a sneak peek.
How do I ever choose?
Here are a couple of my favorites so far, but stay tuned, there will be more to come & you will also get to meet his gorgeous big sissy!!

I think this has to be my most favorite Kapture....

I love it in color too but Mommy is a big black & white lover so this is for her!!
Can you believe his smile :-)
Baby T you and your wonderful pictures make me smile too!!